Branded DISC Personality Profile Service

The Simple Monthly Plan includes all the features of our service: branded personality reports, a fully automated solution to sell your reports online at retail, the ability to earn monthly commissions on all retail sales, and complete access to your own online Resource Center. A one-time charge of $199 is required at the time of signup to cover your account review and activation as well as "jumpstart" phone support for 30 days. Billing for the Monthly Plan renews each month based on the day of the month you signed up.

What to expect in this signup process:

1. Your first step is to signup on this page. That handles account billing.
2. After you signup here, we will send a "Next Step" email so make sure to check your inbox!!! You will have a link to a form to setup your branded DISC profiles. Go ahead and fill out that form.
3. After we see that you filled out that next form, we will finalize your account and send you a welcome email.
4. You will be up and running at that point. And, you will have access to us for phone support to help you in any way that you need.

Go ahead and signup now and then check your email for your "Next Step" email.